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Wednesday 12 January 2011 by Angela Frizzell

Original article posted at North City Business Centre

Norbert Laposa first found a passion for web design and development while studying at University. During a time of growth in the internet revolution, Norbert saw the opportunity to make extra money while studying a degree in Civil Engineering. It wasn't long before he was running his own web company.

His entrepreneurial spirit was evident from a young age and owning his own business was always an ambition. After 10 years of experience in web design and ecommerce he felt it was time to expand his operations from sole trader to a limited company. Therefore, in August last year he entered full-time self employment. While mentioning this to his copywriter, she recommended making an appointment with an advisor at North City Business Centre. Norbert was reluctant to take the step and so his colleague arranged a meeting for him and he was soon sitting in a one-to-one mentoring session. To his delight, mentoring was very beneficial as he gained all the advice and guidance he required to develop Laposa Ltd.

Norbert said, “North City Business Centre helped me create a proper business plan and guided me in how I should promote the advantages of my business. The advisors are always happy to meet with me and are interested in my business.”

Laposa Ltd offer consultancy and web design and development. They are distinctive as they offer their own unique Content management system and ecommerce system. Both systems together are very strong and so differentiate them from others in the market. This umbrella of services creates a package sought by many companies at an affordable cost. 

When setting up his business, the first idea was to operate locally. However, this was not a winning approach for Laposa Ltd. With clients in London, Prague, Hong Kong, Japan and Dubai an international portfolio demonstrates how word of mouth can spread when the work is of a very high standard.

Jing Tea, a tea and tea ware company based in London is one of Laposa Ltd’s most prestigious clients. A close relationship provides a platform for success. In the past year, their ecommerce site has doubled its earnings gaining a profit of thousands of pounds. This is partly due to the work of Norbert and his constant development of their website. He believes “an ecommerce website is never finished.”

Norbert understands his field of work extensively and even the most elaborate websites are achieved. His wide range of experience ensures he is flexible and skilled in his line of work. Achieving 4 awards from Interactive Media Awards in 2006 and 2007 demonstrate his dedication for web design and development. A recent client ToptheClass approached Norbert about designing their website and from a possible 27 options, Laposa Ltd was chosen as the company which could offer the desired result.

Norbert has constantly being progressing the business forward. With many referrals he has built lasting relationships with his clients. He aims to complete all work to the highest quality, no matter how long this may take. Self-employment suits Norbert, “I can use the technical tools I feel comfortable using and there is more freedom. Although I tend to work over and above that expected, I enjoy my work and it gives me a great sense of satisfaction.”

Laposa Ltd has big plans for the future; an ever growing client database provides the opportunity to employ people full time. Within 5 years, Norbert hopes for a total of 5-10 people working for his company. This company could become an international phenomenon.

Facebook agile development by Mike Schroepfer

Sunday 21 November 2010 by Norbert Laposa

A perfect example that agile software development is viable development model even in big companies.

“If you’re not embarrassed by your first version, you waited too long to ship it.”

Reid Hoffman

“It is a little bit intimidating, but we don’t do two-year product planning, where we design what the screens are going to look like – because, I think, we don’t know what it’s going to be.”

Mike Schroepfer

Source: Telegraph

Lexicon Business English

Monday 18 October 2010 by Norbert Laposa

Our original design commissioned by Lexicon Business English (Hong Kong). It's not exactly following our strategy not to use any decoration in our design, but still at the end a nice example of 90's boxed web design style overusing sterile stock photography, as we call it "plastic people".

Lexicon Business English

Lexicon Business English - Phil Kendrick - Design by Laposa

Lexicon Business English - Phil Kendrick - Design by Laposa

What is different with Onxshop hosting

Wednesday 4 August 2010 by Norbert Laposa

One of my recent converts to Onxshop experienced a devastating server disaster last year and thought it would be a good idea to share what we learned.

The whole ecommerce industry has really only existed for about 10 years. It is constantly changing and evolving in response to technological developments. Many websites are built without any kind of a support contract with the web design company (the builder) and they are doing things for you as they occur. Most web design companies, even those which are highly reputatable, are not aware of the potential for disaster. You cannot blame them, they have genuinely believed this cannot happen with a sophisticated web hosting infrastructure, i.e. Bytemark VPS. when all data are in RAID. What they should do is tell you that need long term support for the web server itself.

When this disaster happened, the builder helped to reinstall the operating system on a new machine provided by Bytemark. They immediately restored the site from the latest available backup, which was unfortunately one year old. Then they worked intensively with Bytemark on the latest data recovery from corrupted RAID and put a fully functional website back, two weeks after the disaster occured. Basically, there was a server disaster and the web design studio (the builder) fixed everything in two weeks at a cost of £600.

The client realised that to prevent a similar situation happening again, some additional protection would be required. This is exactly what the Onxshop service delivers. 

Please read my comparison, which should help you to understand why choosing Onxshop is the best option. 

Common web design studio (the builder)

Server hosting

A web design studio has no legal obligation to keep your website up and running, because the contract is between you and web hosting company (not the web design studio). You usually pay server hosting.

Server maintenance

Most maintenance contracts will cost on average £300 per month and will cover for this three essential ongoing tasks:

1. send you a backup file every week
2. run every week a security upgrade for the operation system
3. do an operating system upgrade each couple of years.

Server disaster recovery

A web design studio would be able to do a recovery and charge for it on an hourly basis, probably about £50 per hour. Recovery could take 8 hours.

Bytemark (hardware provider)

Server hosting

An average contract for server hosting with Bytemark will cost £27 per month.

Server maintenance

Bytemark offers a full management service for £80 per hour, so the estimated cost for a standard type website would be £160 per month. Bytemark guarantee that backup is working properly and the latest version is immediately available.

Server disaster recovery

Bytemark will charge for recovery on an hourly basis, just the same as any web design studio.

Laposa Onxshop (fully managed service)

Server hosting

Server hosting is included in the Onxshop package.

Server maintenance

Server maintenance is included in the Onxshop package.

Server disaster recovery

Recovery is completely FREE. It's secured by disaster recovery plan and completed within 24 hours.

TCO Onxshop vs Wordpress

Wednesday 28 July 2010 by Norbert Laposa

Wordpress - The cost

Initial setup: 

  • web design consultancy £500
  • first year hosting £120
  • installation cost £100
  • templates and modules £500 

Running cost

  • web hosting £120/year
  • Wordpress CMS support (1 hour a month) £480/year

RUNNING COST:  £600/year

Onxshop - The cost

Initial setup:

  • web design consultancy £500
  • first year of complete Onxshop service £240
  • installation cost £0.00
  • templates and modules £0.00

Running cost

  • complete Onxshop service (hosting, unlimited support, security updates) £240/year

RUNNING COST: £240/year 


* costing based on a typical 10 page custom branded website with a blog



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