Posted on Wednesday 7 July 2010 by Norbert Laposa

Here you will find tips on how to enter a bigger market place, which will increase your traffic and sales and help target qualified shoppers.

Before you start make sure you monitor and measure your current traffic using Google Analytics with enabled ecommerce tracking or similar facility.

Submit your products to different markets

Google Product Search

To ensure your products are listed in Google Product Search, you need to submit an XML data feed. It's a free service.

More information


  • acquire a Pro Merchant Account for £28.75/month
  • having EAN, UPC, or ISBN code would be useful
  • Prepare a bulk upload of your products to Amazon


  • open a PayPal account. Verification will take a couple of days

Promote international business

  • highlight that you do international deliveries
  • show prices in different currencies

These are just tips on how to access a bigger market place. Remember the value of your existing customers. Concentrate on current customers - create a mailing lists and send newsletter. Make sure you can export your current customers as CSV for MailChimp.

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