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Onxshop from Laposa has been specifically developed by expert web masters, to make content management for client companies extremely simple and straight forward. With Onxshop's innovative design,  responding to the ever changing market place is really simple. The site content can be easily amended using the three point front end editing system and also guarantee stable platform for future growth and upgrades. Offers full design freedom without the constraints of limiting templates.

Onxshop is unique in it's capability to share the most of the code across multiple websites.

Simply describe your business requirements on a short questionnaire and a FREE custom made proposal will be returned to you, without obligation, within 7 days.

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State of the art web content management system

Onxshop CMS service includes fully managed hosting and long term support of the website under a client's own brand. Things on the web are changing quickly and new technologies are becoming available to us every day. With the comprehensive, long term support offered by Onxshop, responding to change has never been easier. as a prototype/wireframe engine

We have prepared a sophisticated framework -, which is ready to use as a prototype engine. Just start with our while you are working on a sitemap, then smoothly switch to another stage with content population.  It's so easy because Onxshop is already a Content Management System!

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Fully Managed

  • No server hardware to buy
  • No software licenses to buy
  • No IT staff to hire
  • No special software to write
  • No ongoing maintenance

We are experts

Because Laposa makes both the CMS and websites, we know the whole website inside and out. So anytime you need a little help or if you just want to learn how to get the most out of your website, you’ll know where to go.

Working with Laposa’s Onxshop is a great way to run an online business. Onxshop gives us easy access to all the information we need to manage our product range easily, and all the data we need to be able to make smart marketing decisions. The system is intuitive and simple and Laposa is always responsive and thorough with any support requests we have. A great system all round.

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