Posted on Wednesday 14 July 2010 by Norbert Laposa

This article describes our ideal process during web site development.

Setup goals

Describe the bits of information you want to include. 

Create functional specification

This is the technical bit, you will need to get this done from a web design company, i.e. using our consultancy service. Here you should define page structure - information architecture.

Write your content

This is the creative bit. After your functional specification is finished and you know what page titles will be, then you can start to write text and compile some images and photographs.

Define brand and buy domain name

This is the artistic bit, especially choosing your brand colour and drawing logo. Buying domain name is not really an art, but choosing the right brand name / domain name is.

Create wireframes/prototype directly in CMS

This is the construction bit. This will produce browsable pages with logical layout focusing on usability. Best practise is to complete this directly in your favourite CMS i.e. Typo3 or Onxshop. You should use actual content, not just lorem ipsum.

Apply branding

This a the graphics designer bit. The challenge here is to format the wireframes/prototype in an aesthetically pleasing way. 

Provide CMS training

This is final bit. Completing this will give you the necessary skills to control your website content.

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