Services Provided

  • Internet Strategy Consulting
  • Web Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Management System

About the client

Jahworx is brand name of rastafarian eco architect Rado Dvorak, true renaissance man, architect who believes in sustainable development. With his master degree from CTU in Prague lives in Slovakia mountains, deep in the heart of nature environment. Rado is unbelievably productive, he has created many graphic design work, as well as oil painting on canvas, 3D visualisations of an architecture vision, car design, furniture design, house building project from alternative material i.e. straw bale.

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Project brief

The amount  of work Rado has done is huge. It contains more than 500 items in year 2010. Production in this amount cannot be effectively presented in a simple profile like CV. Every creative artist needs a gallery - portfolio where customers can "walk" and see. Purpose of this web is to display all Rado's work in easily accessable format on one place. It was Rado's ambition to create this in HTML himself, but he came very soon to technical difficulties he couldn't overcome. It was the main reason Rado came to Laposa asking for a help. The brief was simple: I need an online gallery with possible option to sell each item.


It's was immediately obvious only Onxshop CMS is the option, because the size of Rado's work. It was only way how Rado can manage whole portfolio himself and leaves option to use eCommerce. Rado has provided the initial structure for his work, such as folders for Architecture, Design, Graphics, Music, Paintings, etc. Laposa created new Onxshop installation with no branding and populate whole this structure, along with the whole information architecture. Laposa provided a 1 hour long training over Skype phone. It was targeted to explain Rado how to add paragraphs, photo galleries and also different layouts and how to move things around. It has taken Rado couple of weeks to populate all the content. When the content was ready, we sit together and created a visual appearance. The web was ready for public access after. Onxshop CMS has proven to be very good choice, because it has given technically minded client full control of his website.

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