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  • eBusiness Strategy Consulting
  • Web Design
  • eCommerce Development
  • Information Architecture
  • Content Management


Onxshop is our own project. Onxshop is Open Source Content Management System for web design ninjas, and offers full design freedom without the constraints of limiting templates. It is used for all our websites in production environment since 2002 and it's continuously developed.

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Project brief

We are very efficient when building website using this package compare to some other, i.e. Typo3, Magento, etc. Also every Onxshop user is really impress with the functionality and how easy the system is. We've decided to put this product on the market to be used by other web design companies. Requirements were to build a central documentation repository, allow costumers to buy commercial support and of course product itself promotion.

Solution is indeed built with Onxshop CMS. Information structure is clearly limited only to show describe the product with price options, product deep documentation, contact support page and demonstration page. Integral part of the demo page is also fully built retail shop. The demo shop was built by two grammar school students after just one hour of training. They spent one week on building that during their summer student placement.

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