Onxshop 1.5.3

Sunday 8 July 2012 by Norbert

Major changes between Onxshop 1.5.0 and Onxshop 1.5.3

CMS and blog

  • improved bo/posts UI and multiple containers support
  • make pagination working properly on multiple blog setup
  • add support for archive listed by year-month
  • move file list in Basic (first) tab in node edit
  • add UI for node.other_data to node edit
  • use dialog window for add new item to node list
  • change AddThis buttons in article details (node/page/news)
  • new contact form template: booking
  • add layout/tabs


  • allow sorting in backoffice products list
  • add custom payment method - free to edit in CMS
  • add on_delivery and bank_transfer payment methods and more improvements
  • enable autosubmit for PayPal
  • improve product export for zbozi.cz
  • add price multiplicator support and improve custom price list
  • refactored product other data display 


  • don't send notification email on every customer data update
  • make email address and username lowercase on registration
  • add group_id to customers export CSV
  • add thank you after newsletter subscribe 


  • improve survey management UI
  • survey system improvements


  • use comma instead of semicolons in CSV exports
  • change AJAX indicator image
  • improvements to file uploads handling
  • performance optimization - read exif only on file detail
  • further translation
  • better wording for empty comments note
  • allow backup download by default (ONXSHOP_ALLOW_BACKUP_DOWNLOAD)


  • Wordpress plugin for our customers who are using Onxshop inside Wordpress
  • make compatible with Heroku hosting for easy Facebook integration
  • new social share component

Onxshop 1.5

Wednesday 8 February 2012 by Norbert

Laposa is delighted to announce its latest Onxshop release, providing major updates to the Onxshop framework. Version 1.5 of this release provides many new features, new backoffice theme "Lion", improved stability and better performance.

To download source code or packages to install, go to the Onxshop download page. The Changelog lists more detail about the changes. Note that this changelog is incomplete. For a complete list of changes please browse the Git logs.

We are proud to highlight, that Onxshop CSS/HTML framework is now so stable, that it was simply extended by built-in four, five and six columns layout. Your old website projects require no reviews of your CSS code before upgrading. However, the changes to database and configuration files require minor upgrading. For instructions follow the upgrade notes.

This release comes with a brand new APT repository for Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. To quickly review of this new version, test drive the Onxshop Cloud (β).

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