Onxshop 1.5

Wednesday 8 February 2012 by Norbert

Laposa is delighted to announce its latest Onxshop release, providing major updates to the Onxshop framework. Version 1.5 of this release provides many new features, new backoffice theme "Lion", improved stability and better performance.

To download source code or packages to install, go to the Onxshop download page. The Changelog lists more detail about the changes. Note that this changelog is incomplete. For a complete list of changes please browse the Git logs.

We are proud to highlight, that Onxshop CSS/HTML framework is now so stable, that it was simply extended by built-in four, five and six columns layout. Your old website projects require no reviews of your CSS code before upgrading. However, the changes to database and configuration files require minor upgrading. For instructions follow the upgrade notes.

This release comes with a brand new APT repository for Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. To quickly review of this new version, test drive the Onxshop Cloud (β).

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BigV Cloud

Friday 16 December 2011 by Norbert

Everybody is talking about the cloud technology, but it's very rare to see any good explanation or a practical use case. Let me try to explain my own understanding of the cloud.

I believe that cloud differentiate from any other hosting environment, when every server instance is replaceable or expandable on demand. In other words, when you can reinstall a complete system in a matter of minutes.

I have a great opportunity to test Bytemark's BigV Cloud and when I was playing with that (creating, removing, extending, replacing each virtual machine), I've realised what replaceability really means. You can dedicate whole operating system to a single application. To a single application dedicated to a certain group of customers without worrying about another group of customers.

This is what is possible when you have a real cloud computing technology available and you are not afraid to use it:


Please note, the whole cloud.onxshop.com was created only in a couple of hours as an experiment, so use it with care!



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