Why Onxshop?

Wednesday 16 November 2016 by Laposa UK

Onxshop is an enterprise level, open source content management system, built and maintained by development company Laposa Ltd.

Flexible & Efficient

Onxshop is built using standard web technologies: HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL, where all code is clearly structured and separated, which allows anyone with simple CSS knowledge to become Onxshop developer without the need of expensive certification programmes.  As the creators of Onxshop we have full control of all aspects of the software allowing us to easily adapt and create new functionality where necessary. This translates to considerable savings in development time (cost) compared with other systems.


Due to it’s exclusivity as an enterprise content management system, Onxshop is not as vulnerable as it’s competitors. For example, Wordpress boasts 75 million installations and a plugin directory containing close to 50,000 add-ons (created by different developers and coding standards). The mass adoption of Wordpress provides an attractive opportunity for hackers and opens many potential security holes. Laposa reviews every piece of code before committing it to the Onxshop Github repository and regularly tests for PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance.

Easy to use

Onxshop is a true CMS, not a blogging platform. It’s powerful, adaptable yet highly intuitive requiring only minimal training.

Open licence

There is no annual licence fee with Onxshop and it can be easily hosted elsewhere should you choose to move host.


Laposa offer full technical support on our Onxshop hosting platform where we are happy to provide an SLA. Due to the nature of Wordpress, (eg. automatic system updates, plugin updates, etc…) we cannot offer this level of service.

Key features

  • Built using standard web technologies HTML, CSS, PHP and SQL

  • Responsive layout system by default

  • Front-end editing including fluid layouts allowing the user to combine a variety of content types (building blocks) page by page

  • Core building blocks include:

    • Site template for different channels, i.e. web, Facebook, Mobile App

    • Page (creates clean, SEO friendly URL and pre-built structure e.g. default, product list, symbolic link),

    • Layout (creates placeholders for content e.g. 1-6 columns, tabs and slider)

    • Content (e.g. Rich Text, Contact Form, Testimonial, Photo Gallery, File List, Menu of Pages, Feed Reader, News Article List, User Comments)

  • Drag & drop front-end components within each page

  • Drag & drop page tree organisation

  • Drag & drop media library

  • In-context editor

  • Reusable elements outside of website context (e.g. within Facebook Apps)

  • Role based access control

  • XML feed for any type of content

  • API for recipe, product and store database

  • Use prebuilt selection of contact forms

  • Form builder for customer surveys

  • Geolocation via taxonomy system

  • Automatic image resize: Upload one file and re-use in multiple places (Global Media Library)

  • Built-in CSS editor

  • Build-in template editing

  • Flexible picture gallery: Select from 7 different types with detailed options (simple image list, jQuery Cycle, Fancybox (Lightbox), jQuery Tools Gallery, Nivo Slider, prettyPhoto)

  • Saved revisions for every content update

  • Multiple users role (Access Control List)

  • Flexible scheduler for content publishing/unpublishing

  • Enterprise Search Engine using Apache Lucene

  • Social integration - management of Open Graph properties and login using Facebook or Twitter

  • Bin for easy recovery of content deleted by mistake

More information can be found on onxshop.com

Onxshop 1.5

Wednesday 8 February 2012 by Norbert

Laposa is delighted to announce its latest Onxshop release, providing major updates to the Onxshop framework. Version 1.5 of this release provides many new features, new backoffice theme "Lion", improved stability and better performance.

To download source code or packages to install, go to the Onxshop download page. The Changelog lists more detail about the changes. Note that this changelog is incomplete. For a complete list of changes please browse the Git logs.

We are proud to highlight, that Onxshop CSS/HTML framework is now so stable, that it was simply extended by built-in four, five and six columns layout. Your old website projects require no reviews of your CSS code before upgrading. However, the changes to database and configuration files require minor upgrading. For instructions follow the upgrade notes.

This release comes with a brand new APT repository for Debian Squeeze and Ubuntu Lucid Lynx. To quickly review of this new version, test drive the Onxshop Cloud (β).

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Onxshop GitHub Repository

Thursday 14 July 2011 by Norbert

We are happy to announce that Onxshop CMS/eCommerce source code is available on GitHub (Source Code Management repository).

This is a big step for the future of our innovative software development and we hope to improve accessibility of this software to more web designers and developers.

Onxshop GitHub repository



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