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Tuesday 17 September 2013 by Ericsson

Responsive Email Design

Wednesday 11 September 2013 by Norbert

What's new in Onxshop 1.6

Monday 19 August 2013 by Hugo

As you can see we've made many changes in our GitHub repository https://github.com/laposa/onxshop/commits/master.

Here is breakdown of major changes since version 1.5:

  • Multi-file drag&drop upload to media library
  • Recursive content duplication
  • Scheduler (publish and un-publish content on specific date)
  • Social login (Facebook, Twitter)
  • Customisable social share component (using API)
  • Enhanced Surveys (image poll, front-end options)
  • Responsive template
  • Store database
  • Recipe database
  • New gallery types
  • Image cropping option
  • Support for roundels in product listing and detail
  • Internal search engine optimization
  • Underlaying libraries update to latest version
  • Many bug fixes and improvements

New Features

Please note not all features are available out of the box. It is possible that enabling some of the features on your website might require configuration or small amount of development (such as creating new Facebook login button, styling issues, etc.) and proper testing.

Media Library Multi-upload

(available out of the box)

The feature enhances back office media library interface to allow bulk image uploading. The user is al- lowed to select multiple files from his hard drive using OS file-open dialogue or just by dragging a list of files from the hard drive and dropping them onto the browser window.

Recursive content duplication

(available out of the box)

When user duplicates any content on the website, all child sub-components of the duplicated content are duplicated too. That allows duplicating whole pages including all page elements with just single click.

New Scheduler

(available out of the box)

We have dramatically improved the scheduler feature. Most of the changes happened under-the-hood to make the feature much more reliable. This allowed us to update back office scheduler interface with more details and clarity. The scheduler is no longer limited to just sending gift vouchers emails, but enables publishing or unpublishing of any content on the website on specific date and time.

Social Login

(requires some customisation before using)

We have implemented a feature that allows users to connect their Onxshop user account with Facebook or Twitter. This allows to personalize the content on the website, e.g. to implement components such as 'Your friends who liked this product'. The login process is also simplified. Users are able to login by just one click if already logged into Facebook or Twitter.

Customisable social share component

(requires some customisation before using)

We have developed generic customisable components that allow easy sharing of any content on the website on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus.

Enhanced Surveys

(requires some customisation before using)

We have improved surveys to allow image based polls with lot of frond-end appearance configuration options.

Responsive template

(requires customisation before using)

Onxshop front-end website template has been updated to support responsive design on devices with smaller screens such as mobile phones and tables. The new stylesheet makes building a responsive website much easier.

Store database

(available out of the box)

We have implemented back office store management database together with front-end components to represent the database with technologies such as Google Maps, Google Street View and HTML5 in- browser geolocation.

Recipe database

(available out of the box)

We have implemented back office recipe database management interface together with generic front-end components.

New gallery types

(available out of the box)
The gallery component has been updated to support new types of presentation.

Image cropping option

(requires some customisation before using)

Automatic image resizing function has been improved to allow cropping of the images with ability to specify cropping options such as content alignment and orientation.

Support for roundels in product listing and detail

(requires some customisation before using)

Product listing and products detail page may include price roundels.

Internal search engine optimization

It is now possible to customise templates for indexing, which is very useful for pages like product details, where related products are shown underneath the main product.

Underlying Libraries Update

(available out of the box)

We have updated all third-party libraries and dependencies to the latest version.

+ Many bug fixes and improvements


Responsive Layout

Thursday 7 February 2013 by Norbert

Our advice on approach for currently so called "mobile optimisation" is to use responsive technique for different screen size, not separate domains for different device. That's the simple rule we always follow.

Using a separate domain option should be kept for optimization of the content to different regions.

Yes, we do responsive layout and it's adaptive and fluid. Our Onxshop CMS is fully responsive in the backend and all our clients now have the option to turn their websites into responsive by simply adding this line into their CSS:

@import url(/share/css/default/theme_layout/responsive.css);

We have also built layout examples and it's now default template on http://cloud.onxshop.com/

Go there an have a try! Happy windows resizing!



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